Custom Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10

The UETF10 is a very nice triple driver in ear monitor.  Though Ultimate Ears has halted manufacturing of the TF10 it can still be purchased brand new widely on the web and get them new or get yours customized from

The Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 has 3 drivers and a 3 way passive onboard crossover.  It is also equipped with two acoustic filters respectively for the Highs and Lows.  The subwoofer is actually two BA transducers that come out of the same sound hole.  This is how they deliver 3 transducers in to canal holes.  The low end drivers are connected and manufactured to play out of one hole.

The UETF10 was designed to be the best answer for generic fitting in ear reference monitors.  For the intent of this article reference monitor simply means that it will give you a nice detailed balanced sound.  Almost any music you listen to will sound great. You can even adjust the highs and lows on your equalizer and the TF10 will respond with as much bass as you want.

As a reference monitor it can be a trusted source for audio engineers. In other words, if something you are mixing in the studio sounds great in the TF10 you can be sure it will sound great across almost any platform.  Using a monitor that is not designed as a reference monitor will result in playback problems over a wide variety of media.

Because the TF10 is a triple driver with a 3 way crossover it can handle the needs of an onstage performer.  The TF10 in this writers opinion was not designed for stage use.  It can be used on stage but the Shure SE535 and 425 are designed specifically for stage use and do not make the best reference monitors.

Many people own the TF10 and love the sound.  Once you find a pair of IEM’s that you love it’s hard to take the risk and try something else unless you have big bucks to spend. Fourtunately In Ear Custom is providing the answer to their needs.  In Ear Custom has answered the call from so many owners of generic fitting IEM’s that long to get the custom fit for their ear.

The TF10 was designed by the pros at Ultimate Ears.  They are simply the leader in custom in ear monitors and sound and if you have the money to spend go for it. Most of the customers of In Ear Custom already love their existing IEM’s and want to get the customized at a reasonable price.  In Ear Custom answers the call by providing top notch service and craftsmanship at a decent price.  The low prices are not guaranteed to last but as a new service IEC is offering at a discounted price of $119.  This price can be raised at any time.

The impression kit that you receive from IEC for your Custom Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 comes with enough material for 3 ears.  Do the first as a test. Most customers will require someone to aid the process.  The kit comes with bite block and ear damns.

The color choices range from Red, Black, Clear, Blue, Light Blue, White, and even glitter colors.  You can pick different color caps and shells. Glitter prices are 10 dollars for the first glitter and 5 dollars for the second glitter.

Read all about how In Ear Custom makes their in ear monitors: In Ear Custom Manufacturing Process.

You can purchase Custom Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 or get your UETF10 customized today at

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