Bluetooth For Custom In Ear Monitors

Finally! The Bluetooth option has arrived.

Bluetooths for everyone. Shure Connectors, Westone Connectors, Flush, Coaxial, and Recessed.

Comes with instructions. All you have to do is pair it up with whatever device you want to listen to.

If you own the SE535 or a set of Custom In Ear Monitors or any of several IEM’s in that category you can go wireless easily with our new Bluetooth adapter.

We retrofit our Bluetooth devices to have the same detachable connectors that you find on all professional in ear cables.

Talk on the phone, control the volume, and listen to your favorite tunes without being tethered to a device. And do it while listening to your favorite in ears!

For those of you wondering. Will this Bluetooth device work with my custom in ear monitors? The answer is YES. If there are any doubts please feel free to contact

This is the answer we have all been waiting for…..


Bluetooth adapter compatible with almost every custom in ear monitor and detachable cable style ear bud. Shure SE215, se315, se425, se535, se846, Westone UMpro10, Umpro20, UMpro30, UMpro40, UMpro50 and UM3x, 4R series, UE900, and Custom In Ear Monitors.


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