Custom Triple Driver In Ear Monitors $249.99

These are the cheapest custom in ear monitors with triple drivers.  $249.99.

I finally made myself a set of the Custom Dynamic Triples. Yes it takes me a long time to get my own as well. Last time I broke a set I went months without customs. As a side note my daughter has been waiting for over a year lol. Our shop stays so busy keeping up with orders.

Back to the Amazing Triples. They truly are amazing. I started using them a few months ago and I love them. I have used the SE535, SE846, UMPro40 and while they do have advantages over our $249.99 triples, they simply cannot produce the natural sounding bass that dynamic drivers offer.

If you read the reviews you will find that overwhelmingly people prefer the sound of dynamic drivers to balanced armature. Almost every professional IEM today uses only balanced armature transducers. The Bose IE8 and the several other IEM’s like it use large dynamic drivers.

There is one simple reason why. There is no real world environment in which you listen to balanced armature transducers. In other words, in the car, in the plane, in the airport, at the concert, in the studio, at church, or the auditorium, everywhere you go you will mostly hear dynamic drivers.

As a result, if you are mixing for sound, it is a great idea to use dynamic drivers.

Dynamic drivers are not flat in the sense that they are tuned to return a flat signal.

Dynamic drivers are flat in the sense that they have not been tuned using any crossover components. You may find some dynamics to have more or less bass to treble ratio.

The triple dynamics we use in our customs are not tuned using any crossover components. They are all wired parallel to the circuit.

The first time I listened to them I started with tracks that I have listened to since the 90’s. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that Alanis Jagged Little Pill is my go to for music that I listened to over and over in many situations since I was a teen.

I was simply astounded at the detail. The first thing that jumped out immediately was vocal delays that I had never noticed in my 20 years of listening to this song. Basically everything that the engineers put in there to be in the background I could hear clearly.

The fact that they are customs doesn’t hurt since it blocks out at least 27db of ambient noise. As a result, I can listen at a lower level and hear just as clearly if not more clear.

The next thing I notice is the presence and clarity of bass. The bass is not boomy, it is tight, but not as tight as a balanced armature. There is a quality in balanced armature that causes them to be a little harsh in the mid and hi range frequencies. In addition, they simply cannot produce the same sound as a dynamic. Not everyone cares about this, and the listening experience can be great no matter what IEM you use.

These are not punchy like the UM3x or higher. Anyone who has spent time in a professional studio will know that when they mix and master they are very concerned about balance. You don’t have to worry about things standing out when you mix properly because every frequency spectrum is closely monitored to ensure no clashing sounds or instruments.

Concerning punchiness I noticed that the dynamic drivers did not make anything really stand out. It seemed to be a perfect mix where I could hear everything clearly just as the engineer intended.

To further illustrate my point. If you are in a professional studio you will never hear too much bass. Every sound engineer knows that a proper mix must sound good on the cheapest speakers as well as the nicest sound systems. Therefore, it is not possible for them to make some bass heads happy. These triple dynamic drivers do have the ability to play as much bass as you want, but they are not tuned to be bass heavy. You can eq your player to give more bass and they can handle it. If you listen to a bass test you will feel like you have 2 12” woofers in your ear.

As dynamic drivers go the reproduction of the hi end frequencies is not harsh and not overwhelming. You can hear cymbals, and reverbs, very clearly.

All sound engineers know that mixing with IEM’s is a bad idea, even though some people do it and are successful. It is still recommended that as a sound engineer you use a wide variety of devices to listen to your mix. You can trust these IEM, and use them to mix with, or simply listen to music, or use them on stage.

I use my triple drivers on stage and I also use them to mix music. You might be thinking do I ever sleep? No. I trust these IEM’s with my mix. I get very detailed in my mixing with lo pass and hi pass filters then several points if necessary. I can mix drums, vocals, instruments. I also use allot of VST’s. One thing I have noticed is with my IEM when I think something is in the background it is waaaay in the background on anything else. For instance, let’s say I throw some stereo delays on vocals my method is to bring the delays down so I cannot hear them and then slowly bring them up until they add the detail I’m looking for. With my amazing triples I can hear the delay clearly, but when I get in the car the delay is barely there at all. This is what I mean by hearing more detail even in tracks that I’ve listened to for 20 years.

My triple driver customs are the cheapest in the world! They are amazing! Buy them you will love them! $249.99…/amazing-custom-triple-in-ear…/

I use them, I love them, I make them, IEM’s R My Life! Rob.


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